We create training and coaching processes together with leaders and changemakers to make a maximum impact through revolutionary business models. Process covers all organizational levels; community, teams and individuals. It is designed as learning process for personal growth as well as for execution of the organization system change, where everyone is envolved.

We have designed two different coaching processes:

Game Changer
Coaching process

We offer you a comprehensive personal growth process to crystalize your changemaker´s identity, give you personal breakthroughs and accelerate your game changing agenda.

Starting from 05.02.2019.

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Find your impact
potential workshop

We help you define, prioritize and maximize your positive impacts to ensure your ideas strategic competitiveness.

In collaboration with IBA Innovation bank and Educational sector we provide you a testing platform to your idea. Start with personal coaching session and test your idea.

Price: 120€ + ALV 24% / Person

Expand your true impact potential
Crystalize your identity to lead
Plan your strategies for action