We strive social innovations to empower local communities aiming to promote the working opportunities for disadvantages communities. Partnering with companies, non- governmental organizations and educational institutes we address societal problems while creating platform for sustainable marketplace.

Our team has practical experience-based approach to internationalization. We offer you support throughout all stages of the new market entry. Contact us and let’s plan your organisation access to new global markets.

  • Entrepreneurship development
  • Global Market Entry Consulting
  • Sustainable Value chain development

Creative Design & Entrepreneurship Residence

Project Impact Ltd.  have started bold collaboration for empowering disabled communities. Purpose of the project is to create a co-creations space for learning.

The Residency acts as a link between sustainable marketplaces and the economic empowerment of marginalised women. Residency provides a platform for collaboration projects amongst students and artists to make an impact.

It provides a platform for projects in developing countries, promoting entrepreneurship and working opportunities for disadvantaged communities. The purpose of the residency program is to offer Finnish and foreign students a rare opportunity for international teamwork, value creation and self-development in challenging conditions in developing countries.


The Creative Residency coaching program provides a tailor-made training process to learn the necessary knowledge and skills to develop social innovations, products and services, adopt sustainable practices, promote innovation and develop long-term plans to maximize positive effects.

The framework of the training program is based on the Finnish product development examination EAT requirements for product development.

The residence period is three months (in the fall and spring) and can be agreed upon separately.

The Residence program is launched with a pilot with a duration of 2 years. After that, the actual Residency program is started on the basis of the experience gained. 12 students from collaboration universities will be selected for the pilot’s first training program.