We strive social innovations to empower local communities aiming to promote the working opportunities for disadvantages communities. Partnering with companies, non- governmental organizations and educational institutes we address societal problems while creating platform for sustainable marketplace.

Our team has practical experience-based approach to internationalization. We offer you support throughout all stages of the new market entry. Contact us and let’s plan your organisation access to new global markets.

  • Entrepreneurship development
  • Global Market Entry Consulting
  • Sustainable Value chain development

Creative Design & Entrepreneurship
Center in Varanasi, India

Project Impact Ltd. and Assuwa Arth Creations have started bold collaboration for empowering disabled women in India. Purpose of the project is to create a co-creations space for learning. The Center will act as a link between the sustainable marketplace and the economic empowerment of marginalised women. It provides a platform for projects in developing countries, promoting entrepreneurship and working opportunities for disadvantaged communities. Our purpose is to integrate design, sustainability, business knowhow and skills to find solutions for betterment of the local needs.

Assuwa Arth Creations is a social enterprise that was born as a desire to build a creative space in Varanasi . Our vision is to identify and utilize the skills of villagers; especially marginalized women and youth, design with natural materials, promote sustainable living, and conserve traditional art/textile making techniques.

We create products with an international appeal that are truly handmade through each step of their lifecycle. The aim is to help artisans keep their traditional art/skill alive and proudly earn their livelihood, without resorting to alternative jobs or contemplating urban migration. We also facilitate dialogue, new methods, and cultural exchange to spur knowledge, inspiration, and inclusivity between diverse groups of people.

– Shalvi & Swarnim Sinha