Profile: Nina Maarit Partanen

Graduated from Team Academy and University of Jyväskylä, Master of Economic Science (Corporate Environment Management), MCID coach.

18 years experience as entrepreneur and Managing director. First in SECCO Finland Ltd, later in KasvuPlan and Project Impact Ltd.

Subjects for the key note

  • How to develop circular economy business
  • Finding impact potential and learning to lead impactivity
  • Boosting changemaker agenda to the next level
  • Megatrends and social entrepreneurship


Nina Maarit is known for being an enthusiast and a visionary business innovator. If you’re hooked on something ordinary, she’ll make you think of something new! She has a phenomenal ability to get everyone excited about new things! In her opinion, no idea is too trivial not to be worth trying! She is a founder of Project Impact Ltd and her passion is anchored in finding business potential for sustainable economic growth and development. Created Impactite- method revolutionalize the way business is been created and developed.

Working as an entrepreneur and CEO of SECCO Finland Oy, she gained valuable experience from long-term business development in both domestic and international markets. SECCO Finland Ltd produced innovative design products for waste and recycled materials. SECCO grew rapidly as well-known design brand and a widely-cited model company for the ecological business model. SECCO acted as a link between designers, production and waste and recycled materials suppliers. SECCO products were sold in more than 100 retailers around the world, most notably the MoMa store in New York and Tokyo, the Modern Tate Gallery in London, the Guggenheim shop in Germany, and the Designmuseum shop in Helsinki. In addition to the international distribution network, SECCO had its own flagship store at SECCO Shop in Helsinki and SECCO showroom in Tokyo. Imports were signed in the United States and Japan. The company SECCO developed from the idea into an energetic business network with strong visionary leadership. The work required a strong vision, a systematic storytelling strategy and building community. ” It was about creating new connections between people and organizations” she crystallize.

Her sparking motto is “leadership is coaching”. She have both knowledge of the stages of the collaborative learning process and experience implementing the leadership process into practice to develop the organization. In all lies the seed of the greater potential just to be found and guided to flourish!

Learn to lead impact

“In all lies the seed of the greater potential
just to be found and guided to flourish”

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