We create training and coaching processes together with leaders and changemakers to make a maximum impact through revolutionary business models. Process covers all organizational levels; community, teams and individuals. It is designed as learning process for personal growth as well as for execution of the organization system change, where everyone is involved.

We have designed three different coaching processes:

Game Changer -identity
Coaching process

We offer you a comprehensive personal growth process to crystalize your changemaker´s identity, give you personal breakthroughs and accelerate your game changing agenda.

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The Game Changer coaching process cultivates your passion, reveals your impact potential, strengthen your identity and empowers you to take action.

GC-group coaching is designed for entrepreneurs, organizational developers, team leaders and idea owners. The group size is 12 person.

Starting from spring 2020

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Find your impact
potential -workshop

We help you define, prioritize and maximize your positive impacts to ensure your ideas strategic competitiveness.

In collaboration with IBA Innovation bank and Educational sector we provide you a testing platform to your idea. Start with personal or your team coaching session and test your idea.


Price: 120€ + ALV 24% / Person

From idea to Impact coaching program

Program gives you platform to renew your business model and create new offerings  that respect ecological boundary conditions while providing economically and socially sustainable solutions.

Goals (duration 1-1,5 year)

Strengthens the ability to create new products and business models from the impactivity perspective. Enhance understanding of future trends.

Find practical tools and concepts to address the global challenges of business, environmental, and social impacts.

Create a concrete implementation plan for the participant’s own / team product development work.

See program brochure in finnish/ Katso koulutuksen esite suomeksi

Personal coaching and mentoring

With personal coaching process you will get a profound personal plan for growth. It gives you a tool for leadership. You will master to lead yourself and others around you. Do not underestimate the importance of self-care. In times of crisis, finding a healthy life and mental balance is almost impossible if it has not been invested in good times.

The cost of the coaching is determined by the duration of the process. The recommendation is 3-4 months, during which 6-8 appointments.

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Expand your true impact potential
Crystalize your identity to lead
Plan your strategies for action