IMPACTITE- workshop

We offer an innovative workshop for strengthening the ability to identify and visualize your steps, responsibilities and the ecosystem toward a Net Zero organisation. The Impactite workshop will result in a visual roadmap of your development challenge and actions ahead. Visualization is effective tool to support the strategy and communication within your ecosystem.

Workshops are carried out in cooperation with graphic design office Family Creatives Ltd. Development processes suitable for the Impactite workshop are for instance,

  • Organisation´s Circular Economy Strategy
  • Responsibility in Quality and Performance management
  • Life cycle approach of product and service design
  • Internationalization plan of sustainable business

To whom?

For the organization’s development team, management team, and entrepreneurs who wants to:

  • discover new business and partnering opportunities for sustainable growth
  • make a visual strategic roadmap, on how to move towards a Circular Economy
  • engage people in creating a sustainable future

IMPACTITE –method 

Our Sustainable future requires openness to learn Circular Economy mindset at the individual, organizational and societal levels. ImpacTite method combines design thinking, circularity approaches and socio- constructivist learning methods. The ImpactTite method has been designed in collaboration with business leaders, pedagogical experts and changemakers to make a maximum impact. The goal is to develop organizational capability and systems thinking by leveraging new business opportunities, and to identify and visualize ecosystems and its processes toward a Net Zero organisation.

“Learning and growth are at the heart of change”