Nina Maarit Partanen, CEO, Founder, Business planner, ESM environmental system management

People characterize her as a creator, innovator and visionary leader. She graduated in Master of Economic Science (Corporate Environmental Management). In addition, she completed the Bachelor of business from a Team Academy and other leadership programs like MCID leadership program. Nina Maarit has been able to demonstrate her ability to innovate, build and lead an internationally known brand. Award winning sustainable business concept SECCO produced innovative design products for waste and recycled materials. SECCO grew rapidly as globally well-known design brand and a widely-cited model company for the ecological business model.

Evianna Sipilä, Sustainable Business planner, Content designer, Coach

Evianna’s mission-driven attitude, empathy and creativity have enabled her to work in areas that apply the sustainable service design process and social responsibility. She directs her hopes to the transformation created by the consumer behavior of the new generation. Her vision is that a sustainable future will be achieved as a result of circular economy thinking, quality design and the relevance of working life. Evianna Sipilä has worked as an assistant coach in a project developing an international circular economy degree program. She graduated at the beginning of 2020 in entrepreneurship and team management from Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

Evianna Sipilä

Mika Partanen, co-founder, business adviser, mentor, business development

Mika knows the soul of the entrepreneurship. He has been an entrepreneur for 22 years and has trained hundreds of entrepreneurs across Finland and has received degrees from over 1200 entrepreneurs / executives. He is the founder of Partus Oy. The company offers both short and long term coaching programs to progressive and inspired professionals from educational and business words. Also, the company consults organizations to use team coaching methods and develop as learning organizations.

Niki Rutanen, Digital solutions, web designer, photographer

Niki has a Bachelor’s degree in Media Engineering. He has work experience and studies also from graphic design and photography. Niki has been an part-time entrepreneur since 2008 and now working full time as an entrepreneur creating websites, online stores, photos and design services for customers from various industries. He has strong expertise in web design and development projects. When Niki is not working he is probably skate- or snowboarding, cycling or spending time in the nature.

Heidi Säntti, Graphic designer, visualist, concept development

Heidi is a media professional, graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Media Design in 2011 and now studying a Master’s degree at the University of Jyväskylä. She’s been studying media design, graphic design, entrepreneurship and information technology. She’s been previously working as a Communications Coordinator, in other cultural jobs and a part time teacher. Today she is a full time graphic designer, illustrator and entrepreneur in her own company, HR Graphics. Heidi is known for her co-operation skills, creativity and “sisu”.

Mikael Hirvi, Senior Coach, community development

Mikael is a Senior Team Coach and an highly appreciated coaching methodology and leadership expert. He has 15 years of experience on team coaching of team coaches, business entrepreneurs, teachers, Team Academy students and other parties in University, adult education and company settings. For more information from Mikael´s experties

Heikki Mäkipää, Co-founder, senior adviser, internationalization

PhD in Geological and Earth Sciences/ Geosciences. Former Director of Finnish Institute in Japan, Director of Research Affairs at University of Helsinki, Research director in University of Helsinki, Distinguished Visiting Professor at Meiji University (Japan), Executive Senior Advisor at University of Jyväskylä, President of Finland Japan Culture and Education Association. 45 years of experience in turism development projects.

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