Impact Talk is an arena for changemakers to have a dialogue about responsibility goals and implementation of Circular Economy thinking in organizations. Members of Project Impact’s network of experts provide an inspiring impetus for change. The content of the talk is planned together to match the nature of the event and Purpose. Impact Talk is perfect way to start an event or webinar on responsibility themes.

Nina Maarit Partanen

Transition from a Linear to a Circular Economy

  • How to develop Circular Economy business models
  • How do we incorporate the Circular Economy principles into pedagogy and education services
  • How to lead impactivity
  • Megatrends and the era of social entrepreneurship

Nina Maarit presents useful tools for identifying the opportunities of the Circular Economy and how to create new product and service innovations.

Evianna Sipilä

Evianna Sipilä

Organisations brand identity and social message

  • What things do your customers value and how could they be communicated through your brand

Evianna empathetically deals today’s consumer buying behavior and building blocks of responsible brand identity rooted in shared value creation. You can read more about Evianna on her own website