Project Impact provides coaching processes, expertise and concept design for businesses and organizations to promote sustainable development and accelerate the transition towards a Circular Economy. We believe in co-created and practical processes for successful impact. Members are business coaches and education professionals working in the area of sustainable business. With extensive network of partners, we ensure you will renew and transform your business opportunities to success stories.

Our services combines creativity, business thinking and Circular Economy principles into sustainable value creation. We provide you immersive processes and leadership support to master circularity and to ensure the organizational change needed.

1. IMPACTITE workshop

The Impactite workshop will guide you to identify strategic actions. As a results, you will have a visual roadmap for the strategic support

2. IMPACT DESIGN conceptualization  

Impact Design conceptualization helps you to create resource-wise product, services and solutions based on Circular Economy principles

3. Circula Master program

Circula Master is a comprehensive coaching process that guides individuals and organizations to master circularity

Our method leads towards a change by discovering new business opportunities from Sustainable Development Goals and Circular Economy principles

A pathway from idea to impact


Project Impact Ltd. is a social enterprise that applies world-class business knowledge and tools to initiatives that hold the greatest potential for positive socio-economic impact.

Part of the profit margin is guided for the benefit of the fragile communities.

Principles in our corporate in-law
– Limited profit distribution
– Business openness and transparency
– Impact measurement
– Ethical guidance
– Multi-stakeholder collaboration