We pursue to master rocky challenges

Our mission is to help solve the global grand challenges by transforming business toward circularity. We believe in co-created and practical processes for maximum impact. We provide coaching processes, content production and concept design for organizations to promote sustainable development and the circular economy. Our services combines creativity, business thinking and circular economy principles into sustainable value creation. With extensive network of partners, we ensure you will transform your business opportunities to life changing impacts.

For business company

We provide you immersive coaching processes and leadership support to master circularity and to ensure the organizational change needed.

For educational organization

We help you identify strategic roadmap incorporate circular economy principles in pedagogy, learning environment and leadership

For individuals

We offer you a comprehensive personal growth process to crystalize your changemaker´s identity and accelerate your game changing agenda


The Game Changer coaching process cultivate your passion, reveal your impact potential, strengthen your identity and empower you to take action.

It is designed for people, who are eager to learn, to develop themselves and to be the future-oriented change maker.

Price 725€ + vat 24%

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Turning today’s problem into potential that is
anchored in sustainable
value creation.

The Story of Impactivity

Project Impact Ltd. is a social enterprise that applies world-class business knowledge and tools to initiatives that hold the greatest potential for positive socio-economic impact.

Part of the profit margin is guided for the benefit of the fragile communities in developing countries.

Principles in our corporate in-law
– Limited profit distribution
– Business openness and transparency
– Impact measurement
– Ethical guidance
– Multi-stakeholder collaboration